PunctureA puncture is never a good thing. It slows you down and can mean having to buy a new tyre. But it doesn't have to. That's where our puncture repair service can help. Simply bring in your flat tyre and we'll check it over. Then, where possible, we'll fix it for you professionally and safely (and in line with NZ Standard 5423).

Tips to avoid getting punctures:

  • Check the treads on your tyres regularly for imbedded glass, stones or other sharp objects.
  • Make sure your tyres are inflated correctly (including the spare).

Never drive on a flat or partially deflated tyre
Driving on a flat tyre is not only dangerous, but it makes it far more likely that you'll need to replace the tyre. So if you get a flat, pull over. Replace it with your spare tyre and bring it in to us as soon as you can.

Puncture Proof Agents
Puncture Proof is a high performance Propylene Glycol adhesive liquid containing tiny rubber particles. Injecting the solution into an ordinary tyre turns it into a self sealing tyre. Puncture Proof is injected through the tyre's valve and forms a protected layer on the inside walls of the tyre. A puncturing object (e.g. a nail or even bullets!!) enters the sealed tyre. Puncture Proof is forced into the hole by the internal air pressure forming a permanent rubber seal.
Pricing: the average tyre costs around $25 to fit with puncture proof. We make allowances for size and charge accordingly i.e. a small tyre costs around $18.50 whereas a large 4WD tyre costs around $30. Puncture proof can also be used in conjunction with Nitrogen.

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